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Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

NCAA Tournament-Final Four

This weekend marks the end of March Madness, or what my mother calls “March Sadness” since Judge Judy screeching has been replaced by college athletes.  The 64 teams that began the tournament have been narrowed down to 4, and even if you don’t like NCAA basketball it’s been a great tournament. Here are some tips so people don’t know you picked your office bracket by jersey colors:

Final Four Game 1-Loyola Chicago (Colors: Maroon & Gold-11 seed) vs Michigan (Colors: Maize & Blue-3 seed) – 6:09 pm start time.

  • Loyola Chicago making the Final Four is a big deal. In NCAA the higher the seed, the worse the team is supposed to be. It’d be like if AIM (R.I.P) dethroned Snapchat as go to way to send a shady message.
  • Loyola has the “Big Man” on their side. The Chaplain for the team is 98-year-old “Sister Jean. She’s adorable, having more fun than anyone AND she now has her own bobblehead. screen-shot-2018-03-26-at-9-34-25-am                           photo cred: Chicago Sun Times
  • Michigan “Fab Five” players Chris Webber and Jalen Rose from the early 90’s are the reason for the baggy shorts we see on basketball players today.
  • Both teams are currently riding hot streaks. Loyola has won 14 games in a row, and Michigan has won 13.

Winner of Meg’s uniform bracket: Michigan. Maize is a fun way to say yellow & I was never a fan of Gryffindor’s colors, TBH.

Final Four Game 2 – Kansas (Colors: Blue & Crimson-1 seed) vs Villanova (Colors: White & Blue-1 seed) – 8:49 pm start time

  • Kansas has been the Big 12 conference champion 15 out of the last 16 years. 2004 was the only year missed. Michael Scott hadn’t even graced our TV sets yet.
  • Both schools are Bball powerhouses. Villanova won the tournament in 2016. Kansas won last in 2008, but is competetive every year.

Winner of Meg’s uniform bracket: Kansas. Not too much of a difference between the two, but I picked Kansas to win the entire thing in my office pool and it’s my blog, soooo.

The winners of each game play each other for the National Championship on Monday @ 9:20pm.




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