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Green jacket.. Gold jacket.


Masters 2018

It’s officially the best napping weekend of the year.  Nothing lulls me to sleep faster than a bottle of savy b  the sound of Jim Nantz’s whispers & the fake birds chirping of Augusta National on a Saturday afternoon.  This week is the PGA Tour’s equivalent of the Super Bowl: The Masters Tournament. The Masters is the marquee event of the PGA tour. It usually falls around Easter so I’m sure most of you have caught a hole or two with your Dad.

It’s always played at the same course, Augusta National Golf Club. One of, if not THE most exclusive courses in the country. It also has the greenest grass I’ve ever seen (on TV), and $4 pimento cheese sandwiches. SIGN ME UP!

There’s a slim chance that anyone reading this can name more than 3 people with a shot of taking the home the Green Jacket (the person who wins the tournement is immediately fitted for a green jacket and presented right when they walk off the course) this year, so instead of a deep dive into the field competing we’re going to have our first #DWEB Power Rankings.


Matt Parziale

We’re a Boston based blog. You are out of your freaking mind if you didn’t think I was going to mention Matt Parziale. Matt’s a full-time firefighter for the city of Brockton (just south of Boston). So not only does he save lives full time, he also has the golf skill to compete in the most prestigious and celebrated event of the PGA Tour. I can hear you all swooning from here.

Bonus points: He also has a REALLY cute dog.

Adam Scott

Mr. Scott is a certifiable hottie. He’s 6ft tall and Australian. I rest my case.

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In fact, our favorite Aussie golfer was the first kangaroo to win The Masters when he took home his jacket in 2013.

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia won the 2017 Masters, and then like an absolute BOSS wore his Green Jacket to his wedding reception.

I hope The Garcia’s aren’t planning on renewing their vows this year. Sergio hit FIVE, yes FIVE balls into the water on Wednesday to post the highest score ever for the 15th hole(+13).

Remember that golf is weird and the lower the score the better.  Sergio will be lucky to make the cut-off for competing (aka The Field), let alone defend his evergreen honor.

Jordan Spieth

24 years old, baby blues you can get lost in for hours, and currently the 4th ranked golfer in the world. Aside from a little hairline issue, Jordan in my opinion is by far the best looking golfer in the hunt.

At press time he’s currently in 1st place with a -6 score after the first round (that means he shot 6 strokes less than what par for the course is). Spieth won the tournament in 2015 at age 21 years, 9 months and 17 days and was the second youngest person to win the tournament. Second only to……..

Tiger Woods

You absolutely not have a Masters PR without bringing up the #1 pick of the 2004 Racial Draft-Eldrick Tont Woods. Tiger Mac Daddy Woods is the undisputable champion of this list.

Tiger makes golf fun, and after a few rough years (pun fully intended) it looks like he may finally be back. Everyone knows what happened with Tiger and his extra curricular activies while married to Elin, but I’ve been asked a few times how Tiger actually got good again.

Tiger’s been plagued by severe back pain since before his last win in 2013. Fast forward to 2017 Tigs had gone through 3 back surgeries in 4 years. The last being a “Lower Back Fusion” where you join two vertebrae together. As the case with the last few comebacks he’s staged, most people took this with a grain of salt. That is until the Valspar Championship earlier this month and he came in second while shooting a -9. Tiger is currently tied for 29th place, but score is +1 after the first round.

Everyone pays attention when Tiger’s in contention. Especially when he’s in his Sunday red at Augusta National. I’m giddy at that even being an option.

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