Tight pants and concussions-Boys of fall are BACK.



Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, and you may wonder to yourself WTF did I even do this summer? The days have that crisp, cool air to it (JK we’ve got a Heat Advisory in Boston today. Don’t forget to hydrate!), and there is just one thing that is keeping my will to live as I see the bone chilling temperatures lingering on the horizon in the coming months. Football is back.

Before all you CFB enthusiasts jump down my throat, I don’t care about your alma mater unless you’re bringing me to a tailgate, so zip it.

The defending Super Bowl Champs Philadelphia Eagles (tears may were have been shed while writing this sentence) take on the Atlanta Falcons tonight at 8:20 on NBC

*I’ll probably get sued for using this picture, but if so we had a great run guys!


Talking points to get you through Happy Hour/Pregame

  • The Eagles will be gracing our television screen for the first time since they ripped everyone’s hearts out from Quahog, Rhode Island to Caribou, ME. I’m not saying I’m rooting for injuries, but I can’t say I’m not either.  Which is ironic since the Pats did the same things to the Falcons the previous year.
    • If you get caught up talking about the game, just bring up how the Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank just built a brand new stadium. One of highlights being that it had Chick-fil-a for a food option.
      • Problem: Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays-WHOOPS.


  • Be prepared to hear a lot about Colin Kaepernick. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, he used to be the QB for the San Francisco 49’s and has been a very outspoken social activist. I’m going to leave politics out of this, but ever since he opted out of his contract in March of 2017- he’s gone from QB1 to Armchair Quarterback.
  • Kaepernick signed a new deal this week … with Nike to be the face of the 30th Anniversary ad campaign.


Enjoy the game beer & chicken wings, and don’t forget to check back on Saturday morning for our Sunday Survival list.


P.S. Official Ball Handlers don’t forget to set your lineups today. I don’t want to hear that you forgot the season started tonight.




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