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EMERGENCY Sunday Survival-9/30

Good Morning beautiful people. I need to start this off by offering all 8 (our readership got a bump yesterday) of you a big apology. The Sunday Survival was skipped last week because I had way more important things to worry about last Saturday for #JackAndJillGoUpTheAisle, like learning to do the sign of The Cross and trying not to blackout before my MoH speech.


^^TLDR, I won’t ever leave you hanging like that again (Don’t hold me to this).


Short and Sweet this week because I myself am preparing for my own Sunday Funday.


Dolphins(3-0) @ Pats (1-2), 1pm.

I really don’t want to write this next sentence, but it is very true. This is very important game. There is no doubt we’ve been spoiled since 2001. In that same sense, I can brush off a September loss without reaching for the nearest bottle of Pinot Noir. This one feels different, and it should. I don’t throw this term around lightly but it’s a must win.

Since our last pigskin lesson, we’ve added a WR to don the silver Flying Elvis, former resident Cleveland Cheech & Chong, Josh Gordon. After suffering some sort of hamstring injury during a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, the Browns finally grew a pair and gave Gordon his papers after years or transgressions. I’d like to purposely thank that ad agency for hand delivering someone with so much innate talent right to Bill’s door at Patriots Place.


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Welcome to New England, @flash!⚡️

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I don’t know if it’s the constant triple coverage on Gronk,(when 3 defensive players are assigned to make sure Rob doesn’t catch the ball), or the current Wide Receivers that couldn’t catch a cold in January but I’m hopelessly optimistic despite his 3 suspensions and 2 denied reinstatements since 2015.

On September 17, Gordon was signed to catch footballs from God amongst men himself.

Since then he hasn’t tweeted, and he has deleted his instagram. A common theme when discussing him is that his talent is unmatched, but needs discipline and guidance.

I think we all know someone who fits that Bill…


He is rumored to make his start today, and I 100% stand by the tweet above and we all learn a new meaning to the phrase “Puff, puff, pass”.



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