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The best ships are…


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The Red Sox closed out the ALCS last night in Game 5 by silencing Kate Upton’s picther baby daddy, Justin Verlander. With this win the Sox are heading to the Word Series for the first time since 2013.


3 Reasons the World Series is Awesome even if you don’t like sports

  • It’s an excuse to go out on weeknights.

    • Gone are the days of Summer Fridays and sundress weather, as well as most people’s (mine) motivation to socialize on weeknights the second the temp drops below 60 degrees. That changes when a playoff game is on. Normal rainy Tuesday? You’re better off taking me to get a root canal than a social activity. Playoff game on? I’ll be the first one at the bar.
  • Baseball hats are acceptable to wear 24/7.

    • I will look for any excuse to wear a baseball hat. If I can wear a hat that means no blow dryer. No burning my fingers on a straightener and/or curling iron. No stressing on how long I can stretch out a blow out before I look homeless. Baseball hats for the win.









  • The best Boston is a Championship Boston

    • Bostonians have a well deserved rep for being impatient and rude. This changes when a big event comes to town. Whether it be the Marathon, Stanley Cup playoff, Head of the Charles, or the World Series, we seem to shed our rigid attitudes and actually enjoy the city and what’s going on around us. People are smiling and screaming for the right reasons at the bar, not bottling or spilling my new shoes. The city just feels different and I am here for it.



Be excited for the next week. Get a new hat (not pink) and enjoy the games. We don’t know who the Sox are playing yet, but once the NLCS is decided I’ll make sure you have a cheat sheet so you know the difference between a balk and a walk.



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