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I’m all about the Fall Classics and we aren’t talking Reeboks

Tonight at 8:09 the majority of the city has a hot date with the Boston Red Sox as Chris Sale takes the mound for Game 1 of the World Series aka the Fall Classic.

I doubt you will be in the stands for the game (If you are I’m a GREAT +1), chances you are going to watch at least a portion of one of these games somewhere. Whether it be bar, watch party, or Fenway here’s some pointers:


Tip #1-See picture below and do exact opposite

Instastory 1


  • I’m not talking about the questionable outfit or the overly bleached hair, but the demeanor while watching a baseball game (Shout out to my first love the Cape Cod Baseball League).
    • Don’t get too excited over parts of the game if you don’t know what’s happening-especially if you think Pesky’s Pole is something you’ll find at Centerfolds.


Tip #2-Make a belly button joke

  • The big news the past week was that Red Sox Ace (best pitcher), spent the night at Mass General last week for a “stomach issue.
  • Boston sports media is notoriously harsh on their athletes, and after a few days of wild speculation of what sidelined the lanky left hander he finally made a “statement:

“I have irritation from a belly-button ring,” Sale said at Fenway Park Saturday. “Just kind of constantly taking it in and out, causing irritation, got a rash down there, so I had to take care of that. Doctors, nurses over at MGH were awesome, so things happen and you handle them and you keep moving forward.”

  • Chris Sale for Prez 2020.


Tip #3-Don’t wear pink sports memorabilia

  • There’s a reason the term “pink hat” is bad term. I’m not explaining this further. Just don’t do it.


Balk it out

I’m a woman of my word so here’s your rock solid take on what a balk is. First of all, it’s my favorite part of baseball. In its simplest form a balk is when a pitcher tries to intentionally fake out either the batter or base runner (if there is one), and the Umpire says “uh uh not up in here”. If a balk is called by the ump, it’s ruled a “dead ball” and everyone gets a base (batter and all base runners). There’s a bajillion ways a balk can be called but here are a few examples:

  • When the pitcher starts his throwing action and his right foot crosses his left knee, the pitcher has to throw home. If not: balk
  • If a pitcher starts his throwing motion and doesn’t complete it: balk
  • Any throw that isn’t a straight forward pitch or pick off attempt: balk

I’m starting to sound like a chicken, so you’re only getting three examples.

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Last but not least, Go Sox.


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