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Where’s the Tylenol?

HUGE thanks to my smoking hot friends Kelly, Kaileigh, Kerry & Maisie for sending these pics from enemy territory.

Let me start this off by saying, I’m not an analyst and recaps are boring and NOT my thing, but something has to be said about yesterday’s rant inducing STUNNING Patriots loss to the Miami .

You’ve probably heard at least one male person in your life mention how ABSURD the ending was of yesterday’s Pats game. The Pats had a 99.9% win probability with SIXTEEN SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME. 

The Pats swiss cheese (plus a banged up Gronk playing Safety) of a defense managed to lose the game in less time than it takes to reheat my coffee in the morning.

You may be saying to yourself..”Hey Meg, why the heck are the Dolphins playing hot potato with the football?”

Well gang, that dumpster fire you just witnessed is called a lateral passand is the only time a player besides QB (or any player who hasn’t crossed the line of scrimmage *blue line on the TV* in the event of a trick play) can throw the ball. The one rule is that they can only throw it backwards or laterally, but not forwards. It works .1% of the time. 

Live look at me as the clock wound down (1:33-2:05)

The Pats are notoriously bad in Miami. Brady’s record is 7-9 in Miami. So if you’re looking for the GOATs Kryptonyte it’s clearly a mixture of Coral Gables and Eli Manning’s chest hair.

The Pats take on the Steelers this Sunday and hopefully my BP has regulated itself by then. 

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