Yay, sports!

Risky business

I'm currently 30,000 feet in the air, but there is just SOMETHING we need to discuss before this weekend. We need to talk about gambling. Chances are you are going to a Super Bowl party this weekend, and there's going to be someone selling "squares", and you'll hear words like spread, cover, line etc thrown… Continue reading Risky business

NFL, Yay, sports!

Jermaine Dupri has been waiting 18 years for this week

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5W73HaVQBg This song still bangs idc what anyone says **Please press play on the above video prior to reading this blog** Super Bowl week officially began in Atlanta last night with the renamed media day aka now known as "Opening Night". Real original, Roge. Unless you legitimately live under a rock, you know the Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Rams (hot coach, see below) in… Continue reading Jermaine Dupri has been waiting 18 years for this week

NFL, Yay, sports!

And the Grumpies award goes to…

Last Sunday the Pats absolutely torched the Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoffs-> this sets them up to face the red hot Kansas City Chiefs. There is only one human alive who is grumpier than I am right now (I've had the flu all week, and I'm not a good patient) and that man is… Continue reading And the Grumpies award goes to…