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I give the people what they want


Pats take on the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers Sunday at 1pm.  But before we get into that, please stand by for a message from the rest of the league.

Saturday 4:35 Colts @ Chiefs

Quick facts to drop knowledge bombs at the bar:

  • 23 year old phenom QB Patrick Mahomes has thrown for over 5000 yards and 50 TDs this season
  • Colts are such a pathetic franchise they hung a “1-0” flag outside their stadium for winning ONE PLAYOFF GAME.

Saturday 8:35 Cowboys @ Rams

Impress your hinge date by talking about:

  • Not only how hot Rams Coach Sean McVay is, but how there is an entire “Sean McVay” effect that’s swept the NFL like a bad norovirus.
    • 8 teams have been looking for the next SMV, from boring mediocrity to playoff contender.
  • I see this being a blow out, the Rams are GOOD and Cowboys don’t light my fire.

Sunday 4:40 Eagles @ Saints

  • Nick Foles is prob going to lead the trash city to another play off W, and yet the entire city will cry that Wentz is really their QB, but thanks for the ring last year BDN!
  • Saints went from having a defense that I could probably score on (lol), to one of the best in the league this year.
  • Also note, their coach Sean Payton is a bad ass. This week after practice one day he had the Lombardi (Super Bowl) Trophy and $250k in cash brought into their locker room. Told the players if they like what they see then they better win this weekend.

Sunday 1:05 Chargers @ Pats

Our season has finally begun! Every Pat’s fan knows that our pre-season runs through December. The real show starts tomorrow at 1:05pm.

  • This isn’t going to be a cake walk. LA’s running back Melvin Gordon is no joke, and i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried that he might shred up our defense like Enron’s bank statements.
  • Injuries will play a factor.
    • I may or may not have referred to Gronk as the “Tin Man” who desperately need some oil a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully two weeks off and some QT with Camille will have done the trick.
    • There’s also been talk that TB12 might have a knee issue.

Okay, now I’m done being a debbie downer. We root for the MF Patriots. This is our time to shine. Get your gear, get your girls and get ready to cheer on the GOAT as he chases his 6th SB ring.


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