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And the Grumpies award goes to…

Last Sunday the Pats absolutely torched the Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoffs-> this sets them up to face the red hot Kansas City Chiefs.

There is only one human alive who is grumpier than I am right now (I’ve had the flu all week, and I’m not a good patient) and that man is Bill Belichick.

You can tell how important a game is coming up by the tone of a Belichick press conference. I mean they are never all sunshine and rainbows, but if Bill walks up the podium with the hatred of a thousand suns in his eyes, you know it’s a big game. Here’s my favorite quote from this week’s presser:

Make that their 8th CONSECUTIVE AFC Championship game (aka the one that decides who goes to the Super Bowl from our conference).

I aspire to be the level of DGAF that Bill Belichick exudes.

Due to the cocktail of mucinex, sudafed and ibuprofen in my system I’m keeping this short and sweet, but this is going to be a tough game. TBH i’m excited to see how my HR fluctuates on my new apple watch (humble brag).

  • There is an 18 year age gap between Tom Brady (41) and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (23). Aka Patrick was still in diapers when Tom Brady was in his Tara Reid phase.
  • If you’re looking to impress a guy, make a joke about the Andy Reid baby.
Image result for andy reid mustache
  • It’s supposed to be historically cold at Arrowhead Stadium in KC, so expect to hear a lot about the weather.
  • Mahomes has never played in a game below 27 degrees.
  • Brady and the Pats are 12-2 in games that are under 30 degrees

  • I was lucky enough to go to one of those games that they won in double overtime (suck it Peyton).

Bottom line the Chiefs are real good, but I’m happiest when the Pats are an underdog. Go Pats and enjoy your first snowstorm this weekend, Boston. Get the hot toddy’s ready!

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