Yay, sports!

Risky business

I’m currently 30,000 feet in the air, but there is just SOMETHING we need to discuss before this weekend.

We need to talk about gambling. Chances are you are going to a Super Bowl party this weekend, and there’s going to be someone selling “squares”, and you’ll hear words like spread, cover, line etc thrown around. If you were looking for someone to explain that to you here, check again.

I know 90% of you reading this don’t give a rats behind about those things, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar (lotta butt references in the sentence) you know enough to bet on the majority of what are called “prop bets”.

A prop bet is defined as a bet on something that doesn’t affect the outcome of the game itself.

Typical Super Bowl Prop bet examples

  • Coin toss
  • Color of gatorade bath
  • How long it takes the performer to sing the National Anthem
Prop rhymes with chop and we needed a picture in this blog somewhere

I’ve decided to come up with some of my own for you peeps to test out this weekend:

  • How many Patriots pom-pom hats are in attendance at your party?
  • Which one of your friends blacks out before halftime? (This may just be specific to my degenerate friend group)
  • How many members of Maroon 5 can someone name besides Adam Levine? (+/- 1)
  • Who will call out of work before the game is even over?
  • How many times will Tony Romo make that uncomfortable squealing noise? (+/- 12)
  • What quarter will the buffalo chicken dip run out?
  • How many times will the word “retirement” be uttered? (+/- 8)

That should get the ball rolling.

For anyone wanting to get some practice in the prop bet for my flight is how many mimosas I’ll have before I land (+/- 3)

Insider tip: take the over.

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