Yay, sports!

Show Ponies, Unicorns, Where’s the beef?

It’s almost here fam, Super Bowl Sunday. We’re less than 48 hours away. I’m sure you have some sort of plan for Sunday evening, and I’m here to help you get through this if you can’t tell a touchback from a fullback.

You need to appreciate the moment

This is the 9th Super Bowl Tom Brady has appeared in, and this year is a mirror of his first win in the big game. For a little refresher, TB12 got the QB1 nod because Patriots star QB Drew Bledsoe (also a confirmed DILF) took a brutal hit on September 23rd 2001 (ALMOST EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO), that changed the course of Patriots history forever. Tommy led them to a 11-5 regular season and off to the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl they went.

Being that TB was so young and inexperienced coaches were understandably drafting a cautious game plan, which led to one of my favorite quotes I’ve ever heard below:

They went on to beat the Rams and the rest is history.

To put things in perspective. Kids born the day of the game are now FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE.

Fast forward to this year with LIII despite a slight location change, the Pats are taking on the Rams again get that next ring.

I’m on vacation so you’re getting a speed round today.


  • Sean McVay, head coach.
    • Looks like he’s stepped from the pages of GQ. Also supposedly has a photographic memory
    • Youngest Head Coach to appear in a Superbowl
    • Played against Julian Edelman in college
  • The Rams recently located to Los Angeles from St. Louis
  • QB Jared Goff shot his shot with Halle Berry earlier this year.
  • The have a very scary Running Back names Todd Gurley.


  • Lotta talk every which way to Sunday about retirements
    • Tom
    • Bill
    • Gronk
    • Devin McCourty
  • 4th Super Bowl Appearance in 5 years.

Check any of the other THOUSAND blogs we’ve written this year for more Pats tips-I’m got mountains to conquer and bison to eat.

I leave you with one last mantra.

Go Pats.

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