MLB, Yay, sports!

Today is awesome.

Guys, we did it! Spring is officially here. Ya it may still be a bit nippy when you leave for work in the morning, but it. is here.

The birds are chirping.

There’s almost buds on the trees.

BUT look at how cute the @devilwearseyeblack coozies are!

My friends and I were inappropriately drunk by 2pm last Sunday.

The Red Sox play an official baseball game today.

All of the above are sure signs of springtime and greener pastures.

The World Series Boston Red Sox take on the Seattle Mariners @ 7:10 with Chris Sale on the hill*.

Why should you be excited for baseball season?

It’s a common theme around non-baseball fans that it’s boring, and slow. That’s not entirely wrong, but for the non fan you should be embracing this. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Weather: Baseball is played in predominantly warm climates.Everything is better when it’s warm, AKA you wear a cute spring/summer outfit, plop a hat on and you look like you know the difference between an E-7 and a Fielder’s Choice
    • The above is null and void if said hat is pink.
  • Living in the Northeast we are basically mole people with opposable thumbs for 8 months of the year. Even if you don’t understand the rules, it’s a great excuse to spend a few hours in the sunshine.
  • Hats: Speaking of hats, doing your hair is the WORST. Just thinking about the 7 step process it takes to get me from chia pet to somewhat presentable human being makes me tired. But in baseball season I can just plop on a sox hat and people think I’m enthusiastic instead of just greasy.
TBT to the glory days
  • Hot dogs:No explanation needed.
  • Butts: Last but certainly not least, I’m thankful that baseball pants will be back on my television on a nightly basis.
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Embrace the game ladies.

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* Baseball slang for who’s pitching.

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