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A date with the Lord (Stanley) for my ladies

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I’m sorry. I’ve been radio silent the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it’s the exact reason why I was incommunicado during the World Series run, too #blessed. I’m not known for my plethora of good luck.

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This is a lie, I just like using the gif.

Tonight is the night. 8pm. Game 7 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bruins vs Blues for all the marbles and a chance to host the biggest party in sports. Check out Ovi’s Stanley Cup celebrations from last year if you don’t believe me.

It’s been 7 months since the bud lights have been chucked at duck boats parading around the city, and by god the city of Boston is thirsty.

Happy Hour/Pre-game convo starters ( don’t talk to people during the game-duh)

  • The Bruins are what we call an “Original 6” team. In the teams storied history, this is the first time in almost ONE HUNDRED YEARS The B’s have hosted a Game 7 of Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • Brew Crew has a bunch homegrown stars . To name a few: Charlie Coyle (Weymouth) & Matt Gryzelcyk (Charlestown). Matty G has been out for about 2 weeks in the NHL’s concussion protocol, but was cleared to skate as of press time. Coach Cassidy still says he will be a game time decision.
    • **This may be most official beat reporting I’ve ever published. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming**
  • Wow him with this: This will be the 11th time Boston has faced St. Louis in a championship game. We have played the Gateway city in a championship game in all 4 major sports. When they try to tell you they don’t have an NBA team stickem’ with the 1957 NBA finals when Rookie Bill Russell and the Celtics beat the ST LOUIS HAWKS in seven games to win the Celtics first (of many) championships.
  • Mind your cheering. If you don’t know what to yell-don’t just revert to “SHOOT!”. Anyone with a single functioning brain cell knows the object of the game of hockey is to shoot the little black oval into the box with the netting behind it. Instead, Cheer for Tuukka Rask. He has been absolutely lights out this series and playoffs.
  • Stats, and I’m not talking about the bar in Southie: The Bruins Power Play* is the best the NHL playoffs have seen since 1981. They’re 7 for 21 this series, while the Blues are a wimpy 1 for 18.

Enjoy it while it last ladies, the only games from tomorrow through September will be the Red Sox, and to put it lightly not spoil my next blog. They stink.

*Power play: when a player from the opposing team is serving a time for a penalty, and the other team then gets an extra skater advantage. Time on the power play can range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes (major).

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