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Threat Level Midnight

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Hi everybody. No I won’t be reviewing the heroic tale of Michael Scarn and his phenomenal dance move today, instead we’re taking a break from the “Summer of Meg” to bring you very important and disconcerting news regarding New England’s lord and savior, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.

No, I’m not talking about his 42nd birthday over the weekend. Happy Belated Birthday by the way @TomBrady! :*

112 Woodland Road in Chestnut Hill went on the market this morning.

Why should you care? For a cool $40 million you can rest your head in the same room where Mr. & Mrs. Gisele Bündchen rested their heads for the last 4+ years.

Some may think I’m overreacting with my excessive sweating and jittery nerves (this is completely unrelated to the 3 cups of coffee and 88% humidity in Boston today) since TB12s signed a contract extension this week through 2021. Well guess what? His original contract expires(d) at the end of this coming season.

If you’ve been reading us long enough you know that I’m excessively pessimistic (living 28* years in Boston will do that to you), and if Gronk’s retirement is any indication I will be in the market for a padded cell when Tommy Boy decides to hang up the cleats.

I get excited and giddy this time of year for every Patriots season, but even the casual viewer should probably appreciate the 2019-2020 with the same appreciation of the last season of “Friends”.

*My birthday is 8/22 for anyone wondering and I’m not handling it being the last one of my twenties well.

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