Yay, sports!

Cuffing season in full effect down south

The Patriots took a trip over the Mason Dixie this week to hold joint practices with the Tennessee Titans and by the looks of twitter and insta over the past few days are getting a jump on Cuffing Season too.

Exhibit A: Witty banter & light flirting

Can’t let the other person know you like them justttt yet.

Exhibit B: Physical touch

Who wouldn’t kill be to be on either end of those love taps? FYI, Titan’s coach Mike Vrabel played Tight End (Gronk’s position) from 2001-2008, hence the love fest between him and Brady.

Exhibit C: Getting your friend’s approval

In case anyone wants to send me a video like this my birthday is a week from today (August 22nd, nbd though)

Exhibit D: Meeting the parents

It’s like this was scripted from a rom-com with “Boys of Fall” blaring in the background. I’d have to say it went pretty well.

Judging by the last two days of practice, The Pats and Titans will be posting apple picking instagrams by early September.

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