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For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’re on month of what seems 87 of quarantine, and if you’re anything like me you’ve already binged Tiger King, Selling Sunset and Love is Blind and are dying for your next reality TV watch. The Kardashians don’t start for another few weeks, and that tyrant Mike Fleiss is holding The Bachelorette season hostage until October. You think you may be destitute, but you are WRONG.

Fire up your parent’s HBO account and check out the NFL docu-series: “Hard Knocks”.

Hard Knocks 2020

Whether you are itching for football season to start, or a fickle fan that roots based on uniforms your should check this show out. Essentially, its KUWTK for NFL fans. Each season it follows a different team during pre-season, but this year we get a look at both Los Angeles teams. The Rams and the Chargers. It’s not all practice and behind the ropes like you would think.

It’s narrated by Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber), aka the man who makes even Macbeth sound hot

We get extra QT with our favorite GQ Model NFL Coach, Sean McVay.

(Also this week’s Fan Girl Friday on our Instagram)

Coach expressing my feelings about a Sunday Funday with my gal pals.

If that’s not enough to convince you, there were very good boys on 2 of the three episodes. 12/10 would pet. The dogs are cute too.

Honestly, I know we’re all running out of TV shows to watch, and it may give you more fodder for you bumble opener than that super original “Hi, *wave emoji*”.

Hard Knocks airs Tuesdays, @ 10PM EST. Or just like watch it on demand like every other human on earth.

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