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There’s a NEW(ton) Sheriff in Town

Based on our last blog you would probably think that my outlook on the Patriots season is as bleak as the weather has been these past few days. WRONG.

With the Pat’s season starting this Sunday @ 1pm against those pesky Dolphins, I have to admit there have been moments of despair and worry for the last 178 days, but I’ve finally turned a corner and dare I say it, am excited for the Cam Newton era to begin in Foxborough.


He Knows a Good Outfit Flex

Cam Newton

Cam Newton has more fashion sense than all of Boston combined. I’ll never be able to replicate his spiral, or his 40 yard dash time, but you bet your ass I’m going to replicate this outfit this fall.

Change of Scenery in leadership

For the last 20 years we had been blessed by stoic, regal, almost political leadership by TB12, but the most “out there” quote we ever got was “LFG”. Cam hasn’t even thrown a pass yet and we were blessed with this beaut yesterday during his media availability:

MY KING. This is a straight up vibe. Put it on a damn t-shirt and every girl in Stats will be sporting it come next Sunday. I dub this the new “I catch flights, not feelings”.

History of play

His current passer rating ( how the stats guys determine how “good” a Quarterback is.) is 86.1, and this is coming off a rough year where he spent the majority of the season sidelined being hurt.

In 2015 was the League MVP and led the Carolina Panther’s to the Super Bowl where they NFL handed Peyton Manning his swan song so he could retire lost to the Denver Broncos.

They might not have won that year, but I’m happy to have someone at the helm who’s not only experienced in the NFL, but the playoffs too.


His Instagram Font

See above ^^ I have to say that using that font in any facet is Pre-Crime, let alone every instagram caption. If he wasn’t my QB1 I would totally taunt about how many bodies are be stored in his basement.


Two seasons ago Cam was plagued by a lingering shoulder injury (not great Bob!), and sat out the last two games of the regular season to prep for surgery in January 2019. Come the start of last season Cam was benched due to a foot fracture in Week 3 and put on the Injured Reserve Week 5.

I’m not not worried about this. With there being no pre-season this year due to COVID-19 we haven’t seen how he’s heeled from both the shoulder and foot issues, and being the mobile QB (runs with the ball a lot) he is it will be interesting to see how it

All kidding aside, Cam is a beast and I’m really excited for the season to start and to see what he has left in the tank. How can you not be excited for the Patriots this year? Bill is even JOKING with reporters!

Maybe 2020 really is the apocalypse.

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