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Just Lose, Baby!

The Patriots take on the Las Vegas Raiders this Sunday. That’s right, Sin City has an NFL team now. RIP Oakland Raiders

Fun Facts to get you through the weekend:

  • The game is in Foxborough, but with the Raiders moving from Oakland to Vegas they built a brand new and very shiny stadium. If you’ve been to Sin City in the last year you’ve seen it in person, it’s on the way from the airport to the Strip.
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  • The Raiders have a better record than the Patriots (2-0). They have beaten the Carolina Panthers & and the New Orleans Saints. They can also put up some points, the avg. points scored so far is 32 points/game.
  • They have easily the best tag line/motto in sports “Just Win, Baby!”.
  • If you’re watching the game with a Raiders fan and want to see them break out in hives/black out with rage, whisper “Tuck Rule” into their ear. The Patriots beat the Raiders in a snowy playoff game all the way back in 2001 based on this rule. Said rule has also now been abolished, and Raiders fans are still waking up in cold sweats about it.
  • Last, but certainly not least they have the most interesting owner in sports.

Mark Davis

Not counting RKK, Mark Davis may be my favorite owner in sports. He’s an absolute legend. Like any major sports owner, Mark has ca$$$$h. 500 million to be exact. He inherited the team from his father, Al in 2011 and never really had a job before that happened. Want to know how he spends his days? Well, that’s by cruising around in his Minivan, eating Hooters wings, and rocking a sweet bowl cut. Can you imagine how he must be letting loose on the endless amounts of buffets on the strip?

Mark Davis loves his bowl cut, thank you very much. (USATSI)
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The Raiders take on the Patriots at 1pm this Sunday on CBS.

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