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Are You Experiencing a Case of Football Fatigue?

We’re a month into the NFL season. For the casual fan it’s novelty has probably worn off by now. It could be due to the lack of Sunday Funday celebrations that usually carry your enthusiasm until at least Week 6, or those awesome tie-dye sweatshirts are just sitting in your closet begging to have a White Claw (or twelve) spilt on them at a crowded bar, are collecting dust instead.

If you’re experiencing Football Fatigue, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • Excessive yawning and/or eye rolling at your male companion.
  • Hatred for the words “Scott”, “Hansen” or “Red Zone”.
  • Sexual attraction to the dirty looking Jacksonville Quarterback (Gardner Minshew).
  • Aversion to feet, balls, and grass.

Alas, the NFL heard our cries and blessed us with a promo featuring the GOAT of all Sunday Funday Songs and the Queen Herself, Celine Dion to lift our spirits.

You haven’t lived until you’ve lost your voice from singing screaming your heart out to that Canadian Goddess.

Next time you start to feel symptoms of Football Fatigue creep in fire up that promo, eat some chicken wings, and remember that you could be watching Selling Sunset for the fourth time instead of hot men in run around in tight pants.

P.S. I found this “deep cut” of the players just lip syncing before the promo was edited and it might be funnier than what went to air.

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