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NFL Week 4 Preview – Public Enemy #1

The Pat’s did the impossible on Sunday, and took down the house and beat the Las Vegas Raiders (lol gambling puns).

Week 4 Fun Facts

The biggest test comes this weekend, when they face the undefeated Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. This will be the first game this season the Patriots have played in front of fans. 16,000 of Kansas City’s finest and brightest to be exact. Enough with the things you don’t care about, we need to talk about the NFL’s new Golden Boy, Patrick Mahomes.

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I don’t like him.

Did you ever have that person in your life where everything they do annoys you? That’s Patrick Mahomes to me, and I’m happy to present evidence.

It’s not the 503 million dollar contract he just signed, or the recent Super Bowl victory (come talk to me after 5 more) that my disdain stems from, it’s actually not even him. It’s his inner circle.

His Fiancé – Brittany Matthews

When they came to Gillette in December 2019 – she threw a hissy fit on twitter regarding the her treatment at the Stadium. Anyone who’s been to Gillette knows it has the ambiance of a cocktail party in comparison to other stadiums, her own home field, Arrowhead included.

You’re engaged to the most electric figure in the NFL right now. In what world did you think that comments weren’t going to be made at an opposing team’s field? Not to mention during a high stakes conference match up. Yeesh.

Take a look at her twitter account and you’ll see she’s certainly a squeaky wheel.

His Mother – Randi Mahomes

I’m a nice girl and my mother always taught me to respect my elders, so I’ll keep this brief. During a recent #MondayNightFootball appearance, she became upset (also on twitter) due to how they were referring to her son….

His name is Patrick, I get it. It’s not like they were calling him George or something egregious. My name is Megan, I prefer to go by Meg… 80% of my life my name is spelt “Meghan, Meaghan, Meagan, Meagen”. I think he will live.

His Brother – Jackson Mahomes

He joined TikTok, and is now building a brand referring to himself as “Jackson From TikTok“, and even selling merchandise with his slogan. I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s should be more along the lines of “Jackson from winning the genetic lottery”.

Thank goodness that Patrick Mahomes is 6’3, because he needs coattails long enough for these three to ride on.

The New England vs Kansas City game kicks off at 4:25pm on CBS this Sunday, and this blog certainly wasn’t written by a bitter Patriots Fan.

How many times do you think the Mahomes clan will tweet during this match up? Leave your guess in the comments and closest bet wins a Devil Wears Eyeblack Coozie.

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