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Patriots Update – NFL Week 5 Preview?

In case you have been under a rock, the Patriots are the latest team to be entangled in COVID-19 drama in the NFL. After announcing that Cam Newton was diagnosed on Saturday with COVID, a dizzying chain of events followed. First being a many a back and forth whether the game against the Kansas City Chiefs would even be played, then scheduling it and flying the players to KC the same day as the rescheduled Monday date. Splitting them up into two different planes (high risk and low risk). I need a Dramamine from all of this back and forth.

Now, yesterday we get notice that Stephon Gilmore (2019 Defensive Player of the Year) who made the trip to Kansas City for the loss and played 100% of the defensive snaps (plays) has now tested positive. I guess him and Cam had dinner together on Friday. Whoopsies!

What’s this mean for this week?

It’s not exactly a secret that player health and safety isn’t exactly the NFL’s number one priority, but this week the disregard has been blatant.

What we do know

  • The Pats are slated to take on the Denver Broncos on Sunday.
  • Denver stinks. Good news for Patriots because we also stink without Cam Newton.
    • On Monday’s game, or what I’d like to call the ‘Wet Noodle Bowl’ it has become crystal clear that Brian Hoyer is better slatted as the perennial backup QB, and Jarrett Stidham is not quite ready to flee the nest and embark on his NFL starter journey despite his million dollar smile.
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  • Pats played Monday night, returned early am Tuesday. Gilmore tests positive Wednesday and everyone gets to WFH on Wednesday and Thursday! At the earliest, and best case scenario this gives the Patriots ONE day of practice for this game.
  • I’ve searched far and wide for any interesting fact about the Broncos.
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In all honesty I don’t know how they pull off having this game with positives popping up willy nilly all over the place. Between the uncertainty of this game and next week’s bye week, now’s the time to schedule all the #SpookySzn activities your boo has been petitioning against.

In typical 2020 fashion everything is weird and nothing is easy, but #GoPats?

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