The Bad, Dale & the Ugly | NFL Week 8

Happy Almost Halloween! I decided I needed to be festive and as if I needed any more ammo to up my current anxiety I started watching “The Haunting of Bly Manor” this week, and by watching I mean covering my eyes and pulling my hoodie over my face but same same.

Want to know what’s even scarier than haunted little children? What used to be my two favorite TV seasons to watch.

I am SUFFERING for the first time since I can remember. This season of the Bachelorette is beyond cringeworthy, and the Patriots STINK.

No, this isn’t a Bachelorette Recap… but that would probably be more interesting that what is going on with the Patriots right now. I can’t tell who’s having a worse season, the Patriots or Clare Crawley?

To be fair both franchises are equally painful to watch at the moment and full of washed up NFL players so I’ll chalk it up to a tie for right now.

I’m not even enjoying rage tweeting anymore…

That’s a huge lie. I live for Bachelorette Twitter.

After another painstaking loss last week to the 49ers I don’t know what I have heard more this week, “Dale” or “Trade Deadline”. Who am I kidding? It’s “Dale”. Just like The Bachelorette it looks like we will be getting rid of players at the upcoming deadline, or “rehoming” as I prefer to call it. Unlucky for me, the Pats don’t have a Tayshia waiting in the wings to back them up.

In reality our “Clare” is Cam, who was benched last week after a bunch of interceptions. “Tayshia” is Jarret Stidham, who has 1 Touchdown and 4 Intercepts to his “credit”.

Going into Week 8, the Buffalo Bills are favored to win against the Pats for the 4th time in just 41 matchups played in the Bill Belichick era. I fear for all plastic tables and plywood in Western New York.

But wait there’s more! The Pats are riding a 3 game losing streak. Gross.

I think I’m going to need counseling coaching on how to root for a bad team. How does one not get upset? God I miss Tom, and Hannah Brown.

Do you feel any hope for the Bachelorette or Patriots this season? Let us know in the comments.

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