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Spooky Season

The Patriots beat the New York Jets this past Sunday 25 – 6. This is a game that Jets QB Zach Wilson will probably be haunted for the rest of his career. Since the Boston and really the national media *all of twitter** has beaten this joke so far to death, that not even your Dad will use it anymore. For reference this refers to Sam Darnold *former Jets QB* saying he was “seeing ghosts” during a game against the Pats in 2019.

With today being the first day of Fall / #spookyseason, I’m so happy all of Twitter was on brand to celebrate. What brought out all of the Twitter comedians with the same joke? Zach Wilson threw FOUR interceptions this game. He had more picks than a basic white girl in an orchard this weekend.

This got me to thinking about all the ridiculous hot takes I see from the Boston media on a daily basis. So I think it’s only fair that the people that pride themselves on judging world class athletes, but can barely throw a spiral, be judged by someone who can barely write a blog without 15 grammar mistakes.

Boston Media Complaint of the Week

Incase you forgot:

New high score, what does that mean? Is that bad? Did I break it?

Mac makes a hell of a lot better on field decisions than a lot of vet QBs and I for one am thankful for that. He also is a hell of a teammate.

He had his boiz back with this block:

and this push into the end zone:

TBH he seems loyal AF, and if that warrants trust issues, then I need to increase my therapy appointments. In all honestly we haven’t had FUN in Foxborough in a while. Last year we had a fashionista with no arm, the year before it was toxic work place central. Can’t we just enjoy ourselves for once?

Do you think the media is being too critical of a 23 year old rookie QB?

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