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Patriots Week 2 Preview-@ Seahawks on SNF.

This blog is brought to you by the sound "sē ". As in the Patriots are playing the SEAhawks on Sunday Night Football. Also, you can thank the letter "C", because this blog almost didn't happen because I decided not to eat carbs for 24 hours and got a headache, but then big shouts to my… Continue reading Patriots Week 2 Preview-@ Seahawks on SNF.

NHL, Yay, sports!

A date with the Lord (Stanley) for my ladies

I'm sorry. I've been radio silent the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it's the exact reason why I was incommunicado during the World Series run, too #blessed. I'm not known for my plethora of good luck. This is a lie, I just like using the gif. Tonight is the night. 8pm. Game 7 Stanley Cup… Continue reading A date with the Lord (Stanley) for my ladies

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Winter. Is. Coming.

  We've skipped fall in Boston this year, and it's cold as hell out. It's officially cuffing season (Mom, I'll explain that to you later).  The single degenerates of the city are scrambling to find someone to be their personal photographer at Nashoba Valley, or take their window unit ACs out **cough cough**, because Winter is… Continue reading Winter. Is. Coming.