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BREAKING – Cam Newton Has Coronavirus

Well, we made it to Week 4 before the COVID-19 crisis started to effect the NFL. The Coronavirus has taken 200,000 lives, destroyed many a person's lively hood (myself included), and thrown our normal lives upside down. It came for the Tennessee Titans early this week with 10+ players and personnel testing positive and postponing… Continue reading BREAKING – Cam Newton Has Coronavirus

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NFL, Yay, sports!

NFL Week 4 Preview – Public Enemy #1

The Pat's did the impossible on Sunday, and took down the house and beat the Las Vegas Raiders (lol gambling puns). Week 4 Fun Facts The biggest test comes this weekend, when they face the undefeated Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. This will be the first game this… Continue reading NFL Week 4 Preview – Public Enemy #1

NFL, Yay, sports!

Are You Experiencing a Case of Football Fatigue?

We're a month into the NFL season. For the casual fan it's novelty has probably worn off by now. It could be due to the lack of Sunday Funday celebrations that usually carry your enthusiasm until at least Week 6, or those awesome tie-dye sweatshirts are just sitting in your closet begging to have a… Continue reading Are You Experiencing a Case of Football Fatigue?