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Winter. Is. Coming.

  We've skipped fall in Boston this year, and it's cold as hell out. It's officially cuffing season (Mom, I'll explain that to you later).  The single degenerates of the city are scrambling to find someone to be their personal photographer at Nashoba Valley, or take their window unit ACs out **cough cough**, because Winter is… Continue reading Winter. Is. Coming.

Yay, sports!

In defense of bandwagon fans

(Insert yelling emoji here) I have something to say.... We need to STOP shaming bandwagon fans.  Bandwagon  Fan - noun - \ ˈbandˌwagən ˈfan'  \ :  someone who roots for a team when they're in the playoffs, have won a title(s) or when a team is doing well. Chances are if you're reading this blog you're probably a bandwagon fan and that is… Continue reading In defense of bandwagon fans