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A date with the Lord (Stanley) for my ladies

I'm sorry. I've been radio silent the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it's the exact reason why I was incommunicado during the World Series run, too #blessed. I'm not known for my plethora of good luck. This is a lie, I just like using the gif. Tonight is the night. 8pm. Game 7 Stanley Cup… Continue reading A date with the Lord (Stanley) for my ladies

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New Year-New Blog

This blog is brought to you today by DayQuil, so apologies in advance for any nonsense. **Not that any of you actually come here for hardcore breaking news** Any-hoo, we're all back from our Christmas/NY break, and I still don't know what day it is. One thing I do know is that at some point… Continue reading New Year-New Blog

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The best ships are…

Championships. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpGg9mCFUAY/?taken-by=redsox   The Red Sox closed out the ALCS last night in Game 5 by silencing Kate Upton's picther baby daddy, Justin Verlander. With this win the Sox are heading to the Word Series for the first time since 2013.   3 Reasons the World Series is Awesome even if you don't like sports… Continue reading The best ships are…