Baseball is back & so am I

It’s officially the best time of year. The days are longer, it’s almost above 30 degrees in Boston and the Mass Pike is a parking lot about three nights of the week. This can only mean one thing: Baseball Season.

Let me get this out there, I LOVE BASEBALL SEASON. I’ll try to post weekly updates from here on out, but here’s your first cheat sheet. Call me/beep me/tweet me with what you’d want to see.

Fun facts:

Giancarlo Stanton (Right-fielder, New York Yankees): The biggest signing of the off-season in professional baseball went yard (hardo speak for a home-run) on his first at bat today. “Who cares?” you say. Well, everyone knows who Derek Jeter* is. Jeter aka “The Captain”, played shortstop for the NY Yankees for 20 years. El Capitan now is a part of the ownership for the Miami Marlins, who also traded Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees this past fall for next to nothing-Scandal alert!

UPDATE 6:58pm: Make that two HR’s in Stanton’s debut for the Yanks.

Eduardo Núñez (Third baseman/Infielder, Boston Red Sox) : Hit a two-run inside-the-park home run in the second inning. Inside-the-park home runs are fun. Baseball needs more fun. Do yourself a favor and google the highlight because I can’t post it here.

Important date: Red Sox home opener at Fenway is Thursday, April 5 @ 2:05pm. I want to go. Someone bring me/send me tickets.

Update 6:50pm: Red Sox relief pitchers are in mid season form!

That’s enough info to get your through Happy Hour/Bumble swiping for now, but I’ll try to keep this updated as the night goes on if I don’t have too many Coronas.

*If you don’t, please DM @DevilWearsEyeBl because you clearly need one-on-one private tutoring in this subject matter and I charge extra for this.

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