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Sunday Survival- 9/16

Hola muchachos and Happy Saturday! I hope everyone enjoyed their first full weekend of NFL action. I know I did by the amount of buff chick dip I ate. Alright, lets get into it:

Belichick Coaching Tree Needs Some Fertilizer

A little recap-Last week the Pats beat the Patriots South Texans 27-20 (that score makes it seem a lot closer than the game ever was if you watched it.)

You’re probably thinking “Gee Meg, why are you calling them the Patriots South?”. Great Question! Bill Belichick has been involved in the NFL for over 40 years, and the head coach of the Pats since January 2000. Since then there has obviously been hundreds of players through the system but a multitude of coaches too. This is known as the “Belichick Coaching Tree”. So in Houston they have the following alums HC (head coach) Bill O’Brien-I’ve actually met him a few times, and he’s HILARIOUS, Romeo Crennel Defensive Coordinator, Offensive & Special Teams (punts/kickoffs and stuff)



Up until last season they also had this stone cold fox of a Patriots alum on their payroll, when he signed to become the head coach of the Tennessee Titans.




Another more recent disciple of the Church of Belichick had an even more embarrassing head coach debut-former DC Matt Patricia got smoked 48-17. The Jet STINK and you can’t be getting blown out by 30 pts and show up to the game like this:

Embed from Getty Images

NE @ JAX, 4:25pm CBS

Okay, enough about the past. Let’s get into about tomorrow. The Pats take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at 4:25 aka THE BEST TIME SLOT. Shout out to everyone that voted in our instagram WYR last week. It’s good to know that only 16% of our readers are confirmed psychopaths who would prefer a Prime Time game every week vs 1pm.

The last time these two teams faced off it was last years AFC Championship game and it easily took 10 years off my life. This week we have some new motivation.

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‪Who would ever think they was sleeping on me‬

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* This suit is fly as hell


Jacksonville Cornerback Jalen Ramsey did an interview with GQ in August basically calling the entire NFL Trash. More specifically he took a shot at Robert “Yo Soy Fiesta” Gronkowski. He’s been quoted saying “I don’t think Gronk’s that good…I don’t think Gronk is as great as people think he is.” Oh, okay. In case Jalen forgot, Gronk’s current career stats are 7,302 yards receiving and 77 TDs.


He bashed a lot of other NFL players, but it looks like TB12 almost got a compliment? When asked which QBs “don’t suck” he listed Aaron Rodgers and Tommy.

This statement doesn’t warrant my time discuss. 

TBH, the article is a hilarious read and borders on Dennis Reynolds level of delusion. Which is almost admirable. Here’s a link to it if you want to check it out:

Jalen Ramsey Has Something to Say (About Literally Everybody)


I’ll let Tom’s instagram from this morning speak for itself:


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It’s not the critic who counts…

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I’m not worried.


That’s all for this week-Check ya later homies.


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