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An Ode to Robert James Gronkowski

You guys ever have those weeks when it’s just one thing after the other? THIS is definitely one of them.

The news I knew was coming as soon as that Fort Point Condo hit the market a couple of weeks ago finally broke while I was tearing up the dance floor to one of my favorite bands this past sunday.

I was immediately brought to tears when Kim Cherry of Legend’s of Summer announced that America’s favorite meathead had decided to hang up the pads for good. The 12 Coronas previously consumed had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Everyone outside of New England (excluding CT-freaking NY wannabes), hates the Patriots with the fire of a thousand suns, but there is no hating Rob Gronkowski.

His giggle can crack the most sour of curmudgeons. He’s a 14 year old stuck in the body of The Mountain in GoT.

Here are a few of our favorite Gronk moments:

He’s a good dude

Yeah, we may all make fun of him about how he’s our lovable lunkhead jock, but Gronk has dedicated some serious time for charities in the Boston area. Do a quick Google search of “Gronk Charity” and there are dozens of videos of him visiting sick kids, fans waiting for transplants or hosting events for kids.

Screaming “Hi!!” to Vivi Brady at this years SB Parade

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Can I call you Gronky too??? @gronk

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When you think of the parade your first instinct may be to remember the $500 Cabernet Gronk had in place of coffee, but if little Vivi screaming “Hi Gronky” to his duck boat doesn’t bring a smile to your face you have a serious dump in your pants.

69 Jokes will be synonymous with him forever

If you know who Rob Gronkowski is you know this needs no explanation.

Goodnight sweet Prince. I’ll miss you and your TD spikes come September.

Yo Soy Fiesta! ❤

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Gronk moment was! We have merch now so I can bribe you guys with giveaways for the best answers.

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