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Winter. Is. Coming.


We’ve skipped fall in Boston this year, and it’s cold as hell out. It’s officially cuffing season (Mom, I’ll explain that to you later).  The single degenerates of the city are scrambling to find someone to be their personal photographer at Nashoba Valley, or take their window unit ACs out **cough cough**, because Winter is Coming.

Thursday is notoriously the best night of the week for a first date. Who wants to devote a precious weekend night, when the outcome could very realistically be texting your roommate from the bathroom that you need an escape plan 45 minutes in?

Whether it be a date or cute guy from Happy Hour, here are some topics you will for sure hear about at some point tonight this weekend:

  • Red Sox are 1 game away from making it to the World Series
    • Sox are playing game 5 of the ALCS against the Houston Astros
      • Our Ace pitcher spent the night at Mass General with a “stomach ache”
      •  Astros have become far more hateable that I expected.
        • Creepy lurch like Astros employee got tossed from the media pit next to the Sox dugout during game 1 for shady behavior.

^^ That’s the Astros’ 3rd Basemen Alex Bregman. He’s real good, and also a troll. He posted an insta story this week of Astros players hitting bombs off Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi.  LOL jokes on ol’ Mickey Blue Eyes up there as the Sox went on to win 8-2.

  • Pats gave the undefeated KC Chiefs their first L on the season on Sunday night in a 43-40 shootout. Aka the battle of the hottest best Tight-Ends in the NFL.

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  • Bruins wins streak snapped at 4 on Thursday night w/ a 5-2 loss to Calgary.
    • 3 goals in the first five minutos of the game. Not great.
  • Celtics opened their season on Wednesday night with a win over Philly. No broken ankles on opening night, so we’re a step ahead of last year. I’d write more but I’m self-professed bandwagon fan and just as clueless as you are. I’m working on it, get off my back.


There ya have it. I leave you with my new favorite thing on the internet, Big Papi reaction videos.


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